We offer a fully integrated suite of magazines and websites that cover all aspects of the ICT marketplace. Below is a brief introduction to each brand.

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Website: techday.com
Techday brings our publications together in one network, replacing all of our previous individual websites. Techday.com has been designed from the ground up with our readers in mind. The site includes an archive of tens of thousands of articles from our individual websites and our printed editorial content, plus a constant stream of new content. We see Techday as New Zealand's hub for technology decision-makers of all persuasions. 


Website: netguide.co.nz
NetGuide is New Zealand's top selling consumer website and email newsletter. It is aimed at consumers wherever they may be. It contains features, the latest news and product reviews for those looking to harness technology in a personal capacity.


Website: playon.co.nz
PlayOn is one of New Zealand’s leading consumer electronics and gaming websites, jam packed with reviews and previews of the hottest gadgets, games and accessories. Movie buffs, gamers and other entertainment aficionados can also stay up-to-date with the latest news by signing up to our weekly email newsletter.


Website: applewatch.co.nz
AppleWatch is a website and email newsletter dedicated to the latest Apple news and products, be it a new version of Mac OS or the latest iPad or iPhone announcement. The site isn't designed just for Mac users, but also Windows users with iOS devices.


Website: start-up.co.nz
Start-Up is designed to be practical guide to technology for small and entrepreneurial businesses. The site provides progressive business technology news with a focus on cloud and software solutions and technology trends. While a number of websites and publications are focused on small businesses, most are aspirational and none focus just on the technology. Start-Up operates as both a website and weekly email newsletter service.


Website: educators.co.nz
Educators is a news and information resource for educators. We offer not only the latest technology news, but how this impacts education and how technology can be harnessed to improve learning and functionality in our education environments throughout New Zealand. Educate operates as a website and weekly newsletter.


Website: itbrief.co.nz
IT Brief is monthly magazine, website and email newsletter targeted at business and IT executives who are involved in IT decision-making. It provides food for thought, especially around IT strategy for corporate, government or enterprise sized businesses. Most key CIO's and IT managers throughout New Zealand follow the brand in print or online.


Website: telcoreview.co.nz
Jam packed with news, executive interviews, plus industry and regulatory commentary, TelcoReview is an up-to-date website, weekly email newsletter and specialist section of IT Brief magazine.


Website: thechannel.co.nz
The Channel is a monthly trade magazine, with an accompanying website and email newsletter. It's aimed at the IT industry, in particular resellers, system integrators, retailers, vendors and distributors. It's a feature-based, non-technical publication focused on the business issues that New Zealand channel partners face and the business opportunities that exist for them. The website, updated every day, covers breaking news within the industry.