eLearning innovation leads to DEANZ Award

Open Polytechnic lecturer Michael Fenton is the recipient of the prestigious 2014 DEANZ Award, which promotes and rewards excellence in elearning, distance, open and flexible learning.

He received the New Zealand Association for Open, Flexible and Distance Learning (DEANZ) Award for his contribution to the elearning programmes that the Open Polytechnic has developed for graduate qualifications in primary science teaching for in-service teachers.

The Award was presented at the 2014 DEANZ bi-annual conference held in Christchurch last week, which delivered the theme ‘Open, Flexible and Distance Learning: Where is the ‘E’ in Engagement?’.

The Open Polytechnic’s graduate qualifications in primary science teaching were created to meet the increasing challenges in science education within New Zealand schools. They are designed to raise the confidence and ability of primary school teachers to teach science.

The elearning materials for the primary science teaching courses are engaging for both practising teachers and also their students, noted the judges.

“On behalf of the Open Polytechnic team, it’s wonderful to receive this recognition,” Michael Fenton says, thrilled with the success. “The conference has been a great event for connecting and collaborating with leading national and international educators.”

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