Inaugural Virtual Learning Awards launched

The growth of elearning in New Zealand has led to the introduction of the Virtual Learning Awards by the Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC), with sponsorship by Asnet Technologies.

The Awards have been launched to encourage further development and learning variety in the classroom, and will be presented in Wellington on April 15th 2014.

Six individuals have been selected by VLNC council members and guest judge Eric Greenop, managing director of Asnet Technologies, to receive a Virtual Learning Award that will be presented by the Associate Minister of Education, Nikki Kaye.

The Awards have five main categories of Achievement, Enabling eLearning, Innovation, Leadership and Building Capacity, and will be presented in recognition of high performance, a significant and unique contribution to online learning, and excellence in the field of learning through digital technology.

Nominations were open to individuals and/or groups within the VLNC of schools and clusters.

“We are excited to honour the group of standout individuals from within the very strong field of those nominated for the inaugural Virtual Learning Awards,” says Sue Winters, VLNC Council Chair.

“They represent a broad cross section of the Virtual Learning Network Community who are collectively developing the significant and future focused practice within the schooling education landscape.”

Asnet Technologies has a long-established involvement in education, and continues to provide management and support for the NZEdNet video conferencing network and the video and audio conferencing Bridge for the Ministry of Education.

“Asnet Technologies is extremely proud and humbled at the invitation to be a key partner in the Virtual Learning Awards,” says Eric Greenop.

“Over our past 11 years’ involvement in education it has been amazing to witness the continued growth and positive impact of practical day to day usage of technology on our students’ academic achievements.”

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