N4L selects 16 Kiwi schools for Pioneer programs…

Network for Learning (N4L) has announced the 16 schools that will take part in the Pond Pioneer School programme.

They received 45 applications from Principals who were enthusiastic about the skills and qualities that their staff could offer the initiative.

N4L were surprised at the number of applications as the deadline was tight, and found they had to select from a larger pool of 45 schools.

The final 16 schools were chosen for their diversity in roll size, age group, geographic location, and socio-demographics. Additionally, the variety of technologically confident staff was a factor considered.

Working closely with N4L, the chosen schools will provide a whole school perspective on how Pond can influence and affect planning, resourcing and teaching, prior to the roll out of Pond for general access later in 2014.

Pioneer Schools will also work with N4L to create a professional development programme.

The schools selected as Pioneer Schools are:

•            Upper Harbour Primary School

•            Elm Park School

•            St Paul’s College (Ponsonby)

•            Waitakere College

•            Kuranui College

•            Otaki College

•            Solway School

•            Tawa Intermediate

•            Marlborough Boys’ College

•            Governors Bay School

•            Burnside Primary School

•            Cheviot Area School

•            Papanui High School

•            Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Kura Kokiri

•            Waikite Valley School

•            St Mary’s Catholic School Rotorua

N4L will be meeting with the Pioneer School Principals and lead teachers in weeks 2 and 3 of Term 3.

Those schools that were not selected for the guided programme have been given the opportunity to use Pond, and run a professional development programme under their own instruction.

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