Alienware steam box same price as Xbox One

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 10 months 7 days ago.

Although the Alienware Steam box was confirmed last week and tipped to launch in September with no retail price confirmed. The company has now claimed that the price will be in the same bracket as the Xbox One and will represent a bargain.

Alienware marketing director Bryan De Zayas told Trusted Reviews;

“The commitment we are making from a price perspective is that it will be competitive with Xbox One and PS4.”

“That price will be for the box and we will be shipping it with a Valve controller.”

Some are arguing that price matching with the Xbox One could be a setback as the Alienware device does not have a Blu-ray drive or Kinect device, Alienware suggest that it offers better value.

“From a price point perspective, we actually think that costing as much as an Xbox One or PS4 is going to be a big benefit.”

“It will help better align us with that mentality from a gaming perspective that this fits in the same living room model.”

Alienware also believe the price point will be successful as the machine represents better value than what consumers could build themselves.

“Nobody will be able to build their own computer, that will perform this well, at the price we are going to be selling it for” said Alienware GM Frank Azor.

Although no price will be confirmed as yet, he did finish with,

“We are going to get the latest and greatest Intel CPUs, we are going to get the latest and greatest NVIDIA GPUs in this box, you are going to have great memory configuration, great hard drive configuration, optimised performance, an incredible form factor.”

We will have to wait until release to see if the Alienware Steam Box does represent better value than the Xbox One.

Do you think the Alienware Steam Box looks good or bad? Tell us your thoughts below.



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