Get ready to hustle with Pure Pool…

Indie developers VooFoo Studios and Publisher Ripstone have announced that Pure Pool will be arriving in New Zealand on PlayStation 4 and on PC via Steam at the end of this month.

After the success of the critically acclaimed Hustle Kings on PlayStation 3, VooFoo Studios seems to have honed their craft and taken hyper-realism to a whole new level with Pure Pool.

Hustle Kings was renowned for its beautiful high definition graphics and silky-smooth gameplay. From what we have seen so far, the team at VooFoo looks to have raised the quality bar higher than ever with Pure Pool to bring us what could be the ultimate pool game.

Pure Pool offers four game modes in single-player – ranging from classic American 8 Ball to Killer, and four challenges from Royal Rumble to Perfect Potter. Players can refine their skills solo or relish in the challenges of full live online multiplayer, competing in one-on-one matches and in global online and custom leagues.

Promising players the most authentic pool experience outside of real life, Pure Pool not only boasts the most convincing baize and balls in pool simulation history, but it has also been built from the ground up with the idea of connecting players.

Hitting the white ball

Pure Pool tracks your individual gaming-style – closely monitoring traits, ranging from the length of time it takes for you to line up a shot to the number of balls that you can pot in quick succession. This data is used to create a unique DNA profile as you play, allowing you to take on AI interpretations of your friends and foes, no matter whether they’re online or not. You can also challenge your pool skills to the maximum by going up against the DNA profiles of the development team, snooker, pool and gaming superstars.

Definitely one to watch out for.

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