If GTA V is coming to PC and next-gen, it must already exist?

The rumours are rife around the internet that if leaked code suggest there will be a PC version of this year’s most anticipated game GTA V that the next-gen version is not far away and both should technically already exist!

If Rockstar plans to release a next-gen/PC version before the end of 2013 and with the development differences between PC and next-gen a lot more similar than that of current-gen consoles the games must already be made in order meet a 2013 or early 2014 release date.

With current-gen console architecture being so different to PC a port normally takes around 6 months to complete so unless Rockstar are planning for a 2nd quarter 2014 release it makes sense to think these editions are complete or almost complete.

As next-gen console development and PC both share the x86 architecture, this would save time over traditional ports and would save the need and cost of reprogramming the game from the code up – which is a waste of time.

Usman Pirzada of WCCF Tech suggests that as the x86 architecture and the PC have very little base difference, the port from a next-gen console to PC should be much less hassle – in theory.

Only time will tell on this front, but following on from Rockstars previous releases if a port is on its way they never delay it for long and PC fans of the franchise will be roaming the streets of Los Santos, San Andreas sooner rather than later.

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