PlayStation 4 patch 1.7 causes mayhem

The first major PlayStation 4 patch went live on Wednesday and caused havoc for some console owners.

Patch 1.7 addresses a number of issues that fans have raised since the console’s release last November.

Gamers can now switch off HDCP and record their gameplay via HDMI on external devices. There’s also the option to dim the light bar on the controller; which some people find annoying when it reflects off their TV.

The console’s new game video editing suite, SHAREfactory, also went live with the update. PS4 fans can now personalise their gameplay videos with filters, text and picture-in-picture video commentary via the PlayStation Camera.

But the patch did not go smoothly for everyone. Many users reported an issue with the picture flickering on their TV post-patch. Whilst an official response from Sony has not been forthcoming, there is a workaround that seems to fix the problem.

PS4 owners experiencing flickering issues should go into the consoles video settings and switch off the “Deep Colour” option. With this off the problem appears to go away.

Whilst it is not uncommon for patches to cause issues requiring a hotfix, it is surprising that Sony would release a major update for their flagship console with such an obvious video corruption issue.

Did you experience an issue with the PS4 1.7 update? Did you manage to get your console working again? Tell us about your experience in the comments, below

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