PS4 plays on nostalgia with video launch

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 1 year 9 months 6 days ago.

It’s looking more and more likely we’ll be getting the first glimpse of the Playstation 4 at Sony’s special event in New York on Wednesday, as three nostalgic, slightly self-congratulatory videos have just hit the net.

Rumours have circulated for months about the future of gaming, and we’ve seen and heard some fairly unbelievable things, particularly concept controllers that look like reproductive organs combined with motorised monster squids.

It has, at the very least, been entertaining.

And when Sony announced this upcoming event, now just hours away (well, sort of), the internet went mad and immediately assumed it was going to be the next-gen announcement.

Not wanting to get my hopes up, I didn’t believe that right off the bat, but these three new videos seem to pretty much guarantee it.

They all have the same “Evolution of the Playstation” theme, are about two minutes long, and are essentially a guide to the PS and its history.

There’s a video for the launch of the original PS, way back in 1994, the PS2 from 2000, and the current generation’s PS3 which launched in 2006.

Another announcement from Sony today was that the PS Vita, almost exactly a year after launch, will finally be seeing a price cut in Japan which means eventually in other territories too.

That announcement also featured a list of new games coming to the Vita, including the long-awaited (by me, anyway) Final Fantasy X HD, a re-master that hasn’t been mentioned in way too long.

Although no release date was mentioned, it had better be coming to the Vita and PS3 soon or I’m going to eat my own hand.

Believe the PS4 is almost upon us? Let us hear your thoughts below, but bear in mind even if it is announced it will still be months before we see it on shelves.

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