Auckland Open Source event this week

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The Australasian Open Source Developers Conference, one of the top conferences for developers in Asia Pacific, is heading to Auckland.

It’s primarily focused on development with open source tools and development of open source software, and is now in its 10th year.

This conference has been held in different cities around Australia over the last 9 years.

Bringing these specialists to Auckland is the chance to show that not only do we have the facilities to hold such a conference here, but also that we have a strong enough industry to hold our own.

Covering everything from revision control to the latest software development methodologies and tools, this conference will appeal to anyone who uses open source development tools or writes open source software. We decided that it was important to make our focus this year security, identity and privacy.

We also feel that it’s important that Business (CIOs, CTOs etc) attend to keep abreast of what’s happening in the technological space. Every company knows that staying ahead of competition is vital, and attending these conferences is the best way to achieve that.

Our aim is to appeal to Architects, Developers, Network Administrators – the whole IT Crowd – and show them that this is an event that they can’t afford to miss.

So far we have a great schedule of presentations for the conference, with more than 40 speakers signed up; we have arranged plenty of social and networking opportunities for our delegates as a part of the conference, and a panel discussion that is focused on the recent GCSB bill and how we can best protect ourselves and our customers.

This conference is about the people; the geeks. We live in a world that is running on Open Source software, yet most people don’t realise or care because they don’t need to know, and that’s OK. However in an industry where individual achievements can go unnoticed, peer review is vital, as is the opportunity to collaborate and compare.

One of the requirements in finding a venue for OSDC is that there will be adequate room for informal meetings, conversations and networking. The ‘hallway traffic’ is where most of the conference magic happens.

The Open Source community as a whole is an amazing group of people. They come in various ethnicity, religion, shapes and sizes, and generally tend to be an excitable, intelligent, thinking lot with strong humanitarian and ecological views.

Having learned our world’s history and read various interpretations of our possible future; we understand that a world monopolised (and essentially crippled) by one political and/or economic power is not necessarily a good thing, individuals taking responsibility for the world around them is vital, and somewhere in between is the ideal.

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