Calling all SMBs – keep up to speed with McAfee Security Roadshow

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The security landscape is evolving at the speed of light.

So join us for the McAfee SMB Technical Sales Enablement Roadshow to capture a slice of one of the fastest growing security markets.

Helping SMBs adapt to a challenging business environment impacted by increasing cyber threats requires insight, knowledge and best practices, the Auckland event presents an opportunity to grow your business and increase profitability by achieving technical leadership in security.

Take a deep-drive into our technology solutions to ignite your sales by joining us for the McAfee SMB Technical Sales Enablement Roadshow in a city near you.

This must attend one-day event, designed specifically for the SMB market, provides the latest on new technologies and emerging opportunities to help you realise growth and drive profitability higher.

Set for Wednesday November 20 at Rendezvous in Auckland, the event is chiefly aimed at Sales Engineers, Account Managers, Consultants, Technical Roles, Sales Teams and the like.

Highlights include:

• Understand where McAfee and its solutions are headed

• Learn about the full range of profitability programs, enablement tools, turnkey marketing kits, dedicated resources, and much more – all designed to help you succeed in the SMB market

• Deep-dive into McAfee’s Software–as–a–Service offerings including Endpoint Protection as well as Email and Web Protection

• Address the needs of larger SMBs with a more robust on-premise security management framework – ePolicy Orchestrator Platform.

• Understand the plug-and-play nature of this solution which provides a single plane of glass to optimise and manage security

5 reasons to attend:

• McAfee SMB Strategy for 2013 & Beyond

• McAfee Technology Update

• SMB Security Solution Deep Dives

• McAfee Technology Update

• SMB Security Solution Deep Dives

To register for the event click here

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