Christchurch rebuild spurs ICT recruitment drive

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Confidence continues to grow in the Christchurch ICT Industry, with new projects bolstering recruitment activity for 2013.

That is according to ICT recruitment firm Absolute IT, who says new projects will account for 50% of local recruitment activity this year, with 50% of employers seeking contractors and 50% permanent staff.

“We’re seeing an immediate need to bolster headcount to meet new project demands, driven by the Christchurch rebuild,” says Kristy Ward, director, Absolute IT.

From the 4200 ICT professionals from New Zealand who responded to the survey, 51% would consider moving to Christchurch for a new role from either Auckland (43%) or Wellington (37%).

Of those ICT professional willing to consider moving to Christchurch, the top skills on offer are; .Net and java developers, project/program managers, helpdesk analysts/team leaders, business analysts, CIO/CTO, system administrators and test analysts.

Christchurch employers’ efforts to retain the best talent is paying off it would seem. Workplace satisfaction is high with 85% of ICT professionals in the city considering their workplace a good place to work, citing flexible working hours as the top non-financial benefit an employer can offer.

Competitive remuneration is also a crucial component in helping Christchurch employers retain and attract the best talent.

“Things are looking positive on the remuneration front,” Ward says. “We’re seeing 50% of employers saying they’re going to provide a pay rise in 2013, 40% are still considering it and only 10% are ruling it out.

“Christchurch median salary rates for ICT roles have in previous years been up to 12.5% lower than those in Wellington, and Auckland.

“However in the last 6 months we have seen a shift in the market with Christchurch employers offering remuneration packages over 10% higher than median rates.

Christchurch employers are not only offering higher salary and contract rates, but they are including relocation costs and initial rental accommodation according to Ward. “There is a huge opportunity for Christchurch employers to attract the top ICT talent to the area,” she says.

“For those businesses who can’t afford to compete on salary and contract rates, don’t forget remuneration isn’t the only benefit job seekers want.

“Flexible working hours, career development opportunities, challenging work and a fun work culture/environment are amongst the top non-financial benefits ICT job seekers want in new workplace.”

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