Data focus helps Vocus record “significant” financial results

Vocus Communications has announced another record result for the financial year ended 30 June 2014, with underlying net profit after tax up 53% to $13.6m.

The growth in FY2014 was achieved primarily through organic growth, in addition to a full year contribution from Ipera Communications, acquired in January 2013.

The fastest growing revenue segments were Fibre and Ethernet, up 87% and Internet, up 39% with the Fibre network now reaching over 1,000 buildings and Internet traffic grew by 77%.

Given the strong results, a final dividend of 1.0 cents per share, fully franked, will be paid, bringing total dividends for FY2014 to 1.8 cents per share, up 80%.

“This has been a significant year for Vocus,” says James Spenceley, CEO, Vocus Communications.

“We have delivered another record result which is testament to our clearly developed strategy, aligned to increasing demand for data coupled with cloud computing and increased IT outsourcing trends.

“The recent acquisition of the Bentley Data Centre in Perth, the investment in the SEA-ME-WE 3 cable connecting Perth and Singapore and our upcoming acquisition of New Zealand’s FX Networks positions Vocus as one of the leading integrated fibre, Internet and data centre providers across Australia and New Zealand.”

Financial highlights include:

• Revenue up 38% to $92.3m

• Underlying EBITDA* up 48% to $33.1m

• Underlying NPAT up 53% to $13.6m

• Statutory NPAT up 154% to $12.9m

• Underlying EPS up 41% to 16.14 cents

• Operating cash flow up 100% to $30.6m

• FY14 total dividend up 80% to 1.8 cents per share, fully franked

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