Dimension Data cloud back-up goes global…

Dimension Data has today announced the availability of Cloud Backup across its global Managed Cloud Platform (MCP) locations.

The global ICT solutions and services provider says Cloud Backup is an optional backup and restore service available as an add-on to the company’s Public and Private Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) offerings.

With Cloud Backup, organisations are able to back up their files, applications and system state locally or to geographically separate MCP locations.

“IT departments focus significant resources on managing the backup of critical data,” says Gerard Florian, director of product management at Dimension Data’s ITaaS Service Unit.

“Self-service, full application backup will assist our clients to automate and streamline backup and restore activities while reducing the burden on IT staff to manage the process.”

Dimension Data offers three classes of Cloud Backup service, which are as follows:

* Cloud Backup Essentials – file and folder backup and restore

* Cloud Backup Advanced – file, folder, and system state backup and restore

* Cloud Backup Enterprise – file, folder, system state, and application backup and restore

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