Enterprises continue to embrace BYOD

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Good Technology’s second annual report has revealed how enterprises continue to cut costs and increase efficiency through BYOD programs.

The secure enterprise mobility says the report shows how 100 of its customers across various industries around the globe are supporting BYOD.

“This year’s report shows that BYOD continues to gain traction and those who have no plans to support BYOD are a small and rapidly shrinking minority of our customer base,” says Jim Watson, vice president and corporate general manager APAC, Good Technology.

“This is no surprise to us since we hear every day from our customers how embracing BYOD has made their enterprises more productive, collaborative, and competitive than they ever were before.

“We’re also seeing that BYOD is going global and that even our largest, most security conscious and highly regulated customers can safely embrace BYOD if they have the policies and supporting solutions in place to protect their business data and applications.”

Similar to Good ‘s first BYOD report, this year’s survey demonstrates how the “consumerisation of IT” is forcing enterprise IT departments to develop policies for regulating the use of and ensuring the security of company information being accessed by employees’ personal devices.

More notably, this year’s report reveals that an increasing number of companies around the globe are freely embracing BYOD to help reduce costs and increase employee productivity by allowing employees to use the devices they prefer and take advantage of mobile applications they know in order to work smarter.

“It is clear that companies are supporting BYOD in large numbers as it gives employees the choice to use the devices that make them most productive,” says Chris Hazelton, Research director for Mobile and Wireless, 451 Research.

“While there is a lot of focus on supporting and controlling the device, the next challenge for IT will be provisioning and securing large volumes of enterprise apps and data in BYOD deployments.”

Key findings in Good’s 2012 BYOD report include:

• More Enterprises are Embracing BYOD:

The percentage of enterprises formally supporting BYOD increased from 72 to 76 per cent. More notably, those companies with no plans to support BYOD dropped from 9 to 5 per cent.

• BYOD Expands Global Reach:

Companies are moving out of a U.S-only support model to extend their BYOD practices to more countries around the globe, and in multiple countries at once.

• Larger Enterprises are the Most Active in BYOD:

75 per cent of those supporting BYOD have 2,000 (or more) employees and 46 per cent have 10,000 (or more) employees.

• BYOD is NOT Hindered by Regulatory Compliance or Security Concerns:

The Financial Services/Insurance and Healthcare industries continue to be among the most active industries supporting BYOD.

This year’s report also shows an increase in Government adoption of BYOD programs.

• Employees Are Still Willing to Pay for Personal Choice:

50 per cent of companies supporting BYOD require that all costs be covered by employees who are more than willing to take their employers up on the offer.

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