Enterprises in for a treat as Google Search Appliance is refreshed

Google has announced an update to Google Search Appliance (GSA), its enterprise-focused product that lets companies search across all their content, according to The Next Web.

Version 7.2 of GSA builds on version 7.0 which launched back in 2012, but introduces a series of key new features that promise to make it easier to find documents, organize data and generally improve productivity. This is in addition to a redesigned admin console, enhanced language support and “advanced sorting”.

GSA draws on Google’s search technology, but instead offers a customized incarnation with business-specific features. In a blog post this morning, Brent VerWeyst, Product Manager for Google Enterprise Search, outlines what the refresh entails. Essentially, it now lets users test and tweak their ‘entities’ – key attributes such as author, data and product-type – before the indexing begins.

In addition, it’s looking to make searches more universal. While GSA has always been about making all files searchable from a single box, with version 7.2 the connector framework that enables this has been made more flexible, with users able to build customized connectors that better suit their needs.

Finally, version 7.2 also now supports wildcard character searches for when you don’t know the full name or title of the item you’re looking for. This means you only need to know part of the name to be able to execute the query.

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