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Dell is inviting a host of IT decision makers to its free Dell Enterprise Forum Seminar Series in Auckland this month, where premium technical content is king.

Just released, the breakout sessions lineup features deep-dive topics across the entire range of Dell’s solutions from BYOD to the data centre.

Set for the Pullman Hotel on Thursday 20 March from 8:00am – 1:00pm, the event sessions will cover the following topics:

• Harnessing productivity in your evolving workforce:

As ‘work/life blend’ replaces ‘work/life balance’, organisations are increasingly allowing employees to use their own smartphones, tablets and PC’s for work. But how can the organisation allow users’ flexibility without relinquishing the necessary degree of IT control? Examine the potential challenges and how to avoid them.

• Designing, building and deploying best in class private and hybrid Clouds

Cloud is not a destination or singular path, but a transformation that places IT squarely at the centre of the enterprise as both a leader and enabler of value-creation.

Learn how Dell is changing the ways customers can deploy, manage and expand their infrastructure to deploy hybrid or private cloud solutions that provide the right size and feature set for their business.

• Building security, manageability, and reliability into the commercial endpoint of today and tomorrow

Join this NDA roadmap session to discover how Dell incorporates key security and data protection offerings into our client solutions and gain an insight into the technological advancements coming in our 2014 client and tablet ranges.

• Dell enterprise solutions technology overview and future roadmap on the innovations in server and storage technology

Get an in-depth NDA briefing on the complete Dell server and storage range including tower, rackmount and blade form-factors and our innovations in storage technology.

A free lunch will be served for all attendees, so for more information regarding the event click here

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