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New Zealand has defeated Australia to lead the world for customer satisfaction, with Kiwis now prepared to dig deep into their pockets and spend once again.

Used as a benchmark to gauge customer spending across the country, a new Zendesk report claims customers in New Zealand are the most satisfied with the service they receive, coming in at 92%.

With Canada and Australia not far behind with 91% and 89% respectively, the findings show the IT Services & Consultancy industry o hold a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

“We’re thrilled that New Zealand and Australia rank at the top again for customer satisfaction,” says Michael Hansen, VP and Asia Pacific MD, Zendesk.

“Together, companies in Australia and New Zealand use Zendesk to handle over 19,000 customer queries every day.

“The high satisfaction speaks to the strides companies are making to serve their customers anywhere, anytime.”

On a global scale, customer satisfaction is also on the rise after more than a year in decline.

During the second quarter of 2013, the average customer satisfaction rating reached 81% – a jump of 3 percentage points from the prior quarter—its highest level since the first quarter of 2012.

The rebound comes as industries with historically poor ratings, including financial and insurance services, saw recent gains and as global consumer confidence has improved in a similar trend.

“Companies in most industries throughout the world are seeing gains in customer satisfaction right when consumers are ready to spend more,” says Sam Boonin, VP of products, Zendesk.

Customer satisfaction by country:

Best Countries:

• New Zealand: 92%
• Canada: 91%
• Australia: 89%

Worst Countries:

• United Arab Emirates: 58%
• South Africa: 60%
• Turkey: 68%

Customer Satisfaction by Industry:

Best Industries:

• Education: 95%
• IT Services & Consultancy: 95%
• Real Estate: 94%

Worst Industries:

• Social Media: 64%
• Media & Telecommunications: 73%
• Entertainment & Gaming: 76%

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