Microsoft in talks to buyout Dell

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 1 year 7 months 10 days ago.

Microsoft is in talks to help finance a deal to buyout computer maker Dell, sources close to the companies have said.

While the software giant has yet to go official and make a commitment to the deal, they expected to front a couple of billion dollars according to reports.

Rumours that the multinational firm were in talks with private equity firms about a possible move to go private have been widespread during the past few weeks, with Bloombery TV initially reporting their intentions.

But the focus is firmly on Michael Dell and his intentions, with the CEO negotiating with private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners about buying out Dell’s public shareholders.

The rumoured price is around US$13 or $14 per share, with shares in the company up 2.6% as a result of the speculation.

The move appears credible however, because when asked two years ago whether he ever considered taking his computer private, Dell’s answer was a simple “Yes”.

But as rumours increase, both Microsoft and Dell were keeping quiet, declining to comment on the speculation.

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