Microsoft’s Cloud OS Summit: Learn the wider benefits of cloud technologies…

How can cloud technologies drive more efficiency and deliver new forms of value to your organisation?

Microsoft’s answer is the Cloud OS.

With events scheduled for Auckland and Wellington on April 1 and April 4 respectively, Microsoft’s Cloud OS Summit offers IT decision makers the opportunity to understand the wider benefits of cloud technologies.

The day long events will show how to transform your data centre and leverage hybrid cloud infrastructure and solutions to improve your business efficiencies, reduce costs and complexity, and handle changing needs and unexpected opportunities.

Who should attend?

The event is split into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning sessions are relevant for CIO and COO level roles as well as Business Decision Makers, IT Decision Makers, Ops Managers, IT Architects and anyone interested in learning about how cloud technologies can be used to drive efficiency and deliver value back to the organisation.

The afternoon sessions are split into two tracks and are technical in nature. The sessions cater to an IT Pro audience interested in learning about the technical aspects of the technology.

In essence, this is an opportunity to hear from the experts with real business examples and demonstrations of how cloud technologies are changing the way we do business.

Auckland – Tuesday April 1st
Register here

Wellington – Friday April 4th
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