New EMC solutions gives businesses speed to lead

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Cloud computing and virtualisation change everything. To be competitive, your business must transform.

Introducing EMC solutions, enabling you to optimise virtualised applications, supercharge backup, and transform your IT infrastructure to gain the speed to lead.

If you want your company to move faster, then check out EMC’s new midsized business solutions, based on best of breed products.

One of the industry’s most simple, efficient and flexible solutions, the predictable performance of VSPEX has now been further enhanced with the inclusion of the new VNX 5400, 5600 and 5800 Series.

Designed to support from 10 up to 1000 virtual machines, the new additions ensure VSPEX workloads at twice the value.

“Things move fast in the land of VSPEX,” says Chad Dunn, director of Business Operations, EMC.

“Not only because VSPEX is designed to speed deployment for customers, but because we’re able to build, test and validate new VSPEX systems quickly.

“Speaking of which, you might have heard about the new multi-core optimised VNX arrays.

“More power, better performance, less cost. A compelling value proposition, don’t you think?

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to deploy that new technology as part of a simple, efficient and flexible VSPEX solution? Yeah, we thought so too.”

Powered by VNX, these new VSPEX configurations further speed transformation to the cloud by driving simplicity and offering more VMs per system, thereby reducing time-intensive planning, sizing and configuration by administrators.

“We’re excited by what these new solutions will deliver to our customers,” Dunn adds.

“If over 3,600 VSPEX sold through June of this year is any indication – we anticipate even more VSPEX systems will be helping companies do business even better.

“One example: Acorda Therapeutics is using VSPEX to become more agile – so they can focus on doing what’s most important: delivering better treatments to those that suffer from nervous system disorders.”

Check out a preview of what EMC’s solutions can do for your business:

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