Top Microsoft execs head for Redmond exit…

Satya Nadella’s first real task as new Microsoft CEO will be replacing two Redmond executives, who look set to walk out of the door amid more high-level changes this week.

Vice presidents Tony Bates and Tami Reller will be leaving the software giant according to recent reports by tech website Recode.

Citing “numerous sources close to the situation”, reporter Kara Swisher claims “it’s not clear where either exec is headed, if anywhere immediately. But Nadella told top staff of the changes on Friday and the software giant was planning to announce them Tuesday.”

Serving as Microsoft’s chief of business development and evangelism, Bates will be replaced by Eric Rudder according to the report, with Reller’s head of marketing role is set to be taken on by Chris Capossela.

The report claims Reller will stay on with the company to help oversee the transition, while Bates, who joined the company following Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, where he held position as CEO, will leave his role immediately.

Microsoft has so far refused to comment on the speculation.

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