Armed robbers attack Apple

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 1 year 3 months 13 days ago.

Apple has come under attack from robbers across both sides of the Atlantic, with unrelated raids in France and America.

Armed robbers broke into the company’s Paris store on New Year’s Eve, making off with iPhones, iPads and other devices amounting to US$1.3m.

Entering through a service entrance into the store, the gang used violence before “calmly” leaving the outlet via the basement storeroom.

“They knew exactly what they were taking,” says Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre, a Paris prosecutors office spokeswoman.

Police also went on to say that the robbers were “well informed”, carefully choosing the time and place for the heist before leaving in a Mercedes van parked nearby.

The news follows reports in America of a robbery at Microsoft’s office in Mountain View, with the only possessions taken amounting to iPads.

Also happening over the holiday period, police say the thief stole two iPad 2 models, two iPad third generation devices as well as the latest iPad 4th generation product.

No Microsoft products were stolen in the burglary however, with police saying there are currently no suspects or forced signs of entry.

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