Microsoft OneNote tops Mac App store

OneNote for Mac has become the most popular free Mac app in the App Store in a single day, besting OS X update Mavericks, which was released in October.

That’s according to news site TechCrunch, which claims the response to the release seems to be overwhelmingly positive, with more than 600 reviews in a day, half of which are 5 star reviews.

Announced on yesterday, Microsoft’s app is now available across both Apple and Window’s PC platforms and all three mobile platforms for free.

Microsoft now has three apps in the top 10 free Mac apps list and some are suggesting it is to drive up the patronage figures of OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service and OneNote is a service on top of OneDrive that opens up the Window’s world to Mac users.

Have you tried OneNote for Mac? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below

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