Samsung seeks Google’s help in Apple battle

It seems like every time you go online you are greeted with the news of the latest legal wranglings between tech giants Samsung and Apple.

The latest bout has Cupertino seeking up to US$2 billion in damages from the Korean manufacturer for infringing on five patents, including tap to search and slide to unlock.

But this time around Samsung is looking to have Google engineers in the courtroom to testify about the creation of Android.

Samsundg’s hope is that their testimony and any evidence they provide would prove that the mobile operating system was developed independently of iOS and put to bed the back and forth over patent battles – according to Endgadget.

While Google has successfully stayed out of the courtroom battlefield, experts say it makes sense for the Seoul giants to drag the company into this particular battle.

Apple is apparently seeking up to US$40 per device sold in royalties, far greater than it ever has before.

Part of Samsung’s defence is to counter sue, claiming that Cupertino has stole two of its technologies for use in the iPhone and iPad.

Many predict that in other cases, this is likely to take some time to settle.

Do you think Apple are right to keep suing Samsung? Tell us your thoughts below

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