Time for the Apple iWatch…?

Apple will begin production of its first smart watch next month in a strategic bid to take down industry rival Samsung in the wearable tech space.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Reuters claims Taiwan’s Quanta Computer will start mass production in July with a commercial launch set for October.

Expecting to ship 50 million units within the first year of release, Cupertino is currently trialling the product at Quanta, which will account for 70% of the final assembly.

Yet while Apple’s first smart watch has been regularly referred to as the iWatch, at present the tech giant is yet to reveal the official name of the product.

The company did however, according to trusted Apple source 9to5Mac, enlist the help of superstar athletes such as basketball star Kobe Bryant in putting the device through its paces.

Widely expected to focus primarily on health, all device data is expected to be on offer in real time on the new HealthKit app for iOS 8.

Unsurprisingly, Apple has so far failed to comment on the growing speculation.

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