Mark Everleigh
Senior Marketing Consultant
09 973 5959

Mark has been with Techday for over three years, bringing more than 10 years of advertising and media experience to the company. Prior to the advertising industry, Mark qualified as a personal trainer. During this time, Mark’s success came from working with his clients to help them achieve their goals and maximise their full potential. He believes in achieving results by setting strategic targets and working towards them diligently, an approach which he applies in his work in the advertising industry. Outside of his busy lifestyle, Mark enjoys the occasional round of golf or spending quality time with his family.

Please feel free to contact Mark directly if you have any queries about advertising with any of our magazines or website brands at Techday. He is more than happy to put together a strategic marketing plan to suit your business needs and budget.

Ryan Matarese-McCallum
Senior Marketing Consultant
09 973 1868

Ryan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in corporate IT sales, marketing and advertising having worked in the 90s and early 2Ks marketing and pitching enterprise solutions to NZ’s medium to large organisations. Seven years ago Ryan took the plunge and dedicated his time and energy to working with youth in non-government and not-for-profit organisations. His adventures took him into places where he was working at the cold face with young people, mentoring, counselling and facilitating programmes for at-risk youth, students, teenage fathers and youth offenders. Outside of the Techday offices Ryan loves quality time with his partner and son, teaching and performing on guitar and helping out young people in the community.

Contact Ryan directly to talk about how Techday can support your technology marketing message. It’s time your story was told...

Dave Peterson
Senior Marketing Consultant
09 973 5969

Dave brings a wealth of experience in the IT and IT Media industry, giving his clients the satisfaction that he knows what they are talking about. Dave has a belief that you have to listen to the client and find out what they want to achieve, then work with them on a plan to reach those goals. A true developer of client partnerships, Dave will work with the clients rather than against them, bringing an honest and pragmatic approach to his role. Outside of work, he is keen on horses, with breeding, training, and driving standard-bred horses.

Get hold of Dave if you have any advertising enquiries and to see what options would best suit your company.

Sharn Gardner
Marketing Consultant
09 913 1453

Sharn joins Techday from a background in advertising account management, sales and customer services in a variety of industries. He brings to the team a passion for people and knowledge of various industries and is excited by the prospective of learning all about the technology and IT industry. He believes in having a superb work ethic and providing excellent service while doing the best he can for his clients and their advertising needs. Identifying the correct channel for their advertisement to get the best response is something Sharn prides himself in. When not in the Techday offices Sharn enjoys a relaxing weekend with his partner, a number of leisure activities (especially in the summer), various sports, travelling (even a short weekend road trip) and much more.

Please feel free to contact Sharn directly with any queries you have about advertising across Techday's magazines or website brands.

Heather Wright
(The Channel & IT Brief)

An experienced journalist and editor, Heather edits Techday's two print magazines and occasionally contributes to the websites. With Techday she returned to the sector she started out in with New Zealand InfoTech Weekly and New Zealand PC World. Before Techday, Heather was the founding editor of a community newspaper on Waiheke Island, a travel writer and freelance journalist for a range of publications followed. 

Shannon Williams
News Editor
09 973 5956

As news editor, Shannon is responsible for keeping our sites ticking over. A book snob, Shannon likes to have an opinion about everything from news and technology to what the best Instagram filter is. With a pretty laidback writing approach, Shannon likes to have a good look at what is important to the world and approach it with a red pen and sense of humour. 

Catherine Knowles
Staff Writer
09 973 5586

Catherine writes across all of Techday. She has spent most of her life developing her writing, more recently taking part in workshop classes at Victoria University and working as a writer for a content marketing company. She is keen to keep seeking out stories and discovering the latest happenings behind the scenes in the world of technology.

Gabi Knipe
09 972 9846

Wooing us with her British charm and creative problem solving abilities Gabi Knipe of London or ‘Landan’, as she pronounces it, is the graphic designer in Techday team. Starting out back in 2006 Gabi has been impressively doodling her way through a diverse range of agency and in-house roles. From music merchandising to funky advertising agency through to corporate branding, she has worked hard to give clients the creative attention needed for brands.

With all that creative energy flowing in London how did she ever end up here you ask? Well, having had enough of the awful British weather, she headed where most Brits go - down under on an East Coast Aussie adventure ending in Melbourne. Not wanting to be too much of a travelling bum she made heaps more clients happy with her awesome design skills. But lucky for us, after the classic two-year mark, she finally saw sense and realised that Kiwi was the only way forward.

Ben Wattie
Web Developer

Ben is a web developer, born and bred in the windy city who spent the last five years gaining experience as a web developer. As a true geek he is constantly learning new web technologies. Outside of work you'll likely find him in the squash court, playing guitar, reading or in the kitchen.

Patrick Pilcher

Pat has been talking and writing about tech for more than 20 years. Hailing from IDC after graduating from Victoria University, Pat was the original gadget guy on Breakfast TV. He eventually moved into a brief stint at One News as a technology correspondent before heading to Telecom. Pat has written about tech for magazines such as Tone and newspapers including the NZ Herald and the UK's Independent.

Eddie Monotone
(Android reviews)

Eddie is a writer and cartoonist from Auckland. His relationship with technology is, like that of most graphic artists, one of equal parts joy and frustration. He revels in the opportunity that Techday gives him to experience new and emerging technologies, and then complain about them.

Damian Seeto
Gaming Writer

A freelance writer born and bred in Auckland, New Zealand, Damian has been contributing for Techday since 2009 and is always available whenever a video game needs to be reviewed. Aside from being a big gamer, he is also one of New Zealand's biggest professional wrestling fans. Damian likes Star Wars, Comic Book movies and Metallica too.

Darren Price
Gaming Writer

Darren “VicBStard” Price has been playing video-games for nearly 30 years and writing about them for the last six. Darren hates sport, but loves sports video games - which he puts down to a mixture of being annoyingly contrary and extremely lazy. While he is completely tone deaf, he considers Rock Band and Guitar Hero to be his guilty pleasures. A geek from way back, Darren builds his own computers, collects comic books, owns several lightsabers and is a sucker for video-gaming merchandise. Since 2012 he has lived in Sydney where he writes reviews and reports back on the local gaming scene.

Aaron Smithson
Customer & Community Manager
09 973 5585

Aaron came to us from the telecommunications industry where he provided customer support. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 16 years covering retail, service and training. He has also worked in a number of technical roles and loves Apple devices and computers. In his spare time you can catch him with his camera developing his photography passion.

Sean Mitchell
09 973 5960

Having started his career at Renaissance in Auckland, Sean joined Apple in Melbourne for a number of years before working in the media space. This started with Review Publishing and later the tech publisher IDG Communications in Auckland. In 2006 he was involved in the launch of The Channel magazine. As they say – the rest is history.