Exploding iPhones claim two more victims…

In the USA a student was burnt by her iPhone when it started to overheat in her back pocket.

She sat down in her seat when she heard a pop, and the phone started to heat up. The student had to take off her pants when the phone started emitting smoke, causing minor burns.

It’s believed that the pressure of her sitting on the phone caused battery to short and malfunction. The fire department is reportedly investigating, but it’s an incident he’s never seen before.

Thankfully the student is alright, though it does highlight the issue of putting expensive phones in back pockets. Previous warnings have been issued about putting unnecessary pressure on smartphones and that it significantly raises the risk of a phone’s battery shorting and exploding.

The second incident took place in Czech Republic and involved an iPhone 3Gs. Two people report that although their iPhone 3GS didn’t explode, it ballooned up, causing the casings of their phones to split open. The battery inside each device expanded to more than twice its original size. Apple is reportedly investigating the incidents.

Have you experienced any incidents of smartphones behaving badly? Tell us your thoughts below.

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