Google turns the screw on competitors…

Google has announced it is to lower the prices of its Google Drive subscriptions, placing even greater pressure on its competitors.

The web giant has slashed the price of its 100GB storage solution from US$4.99 to $1.99, the 1TB solution has dropped from $49.99 to $40 and for those requiring large storage options its 10TB offering now starts from $99.99.

That’s considerably cheaper than many of its rivals. Dropbox currently offers its pro tier, for $9.99 (100GB), $19.99 (200GB) and $49.99 (500GB) per month.

Microsoft, meanwhile, offers 50GB for $4.49 and 200GB for $11.49 per month. No matter what data allowance you’re interested in, Google is now offering some of the cheapest rates.

Although each companies offerings differ with customer support and other features, Google is making an argument for customers to switch to Google Drive and should its competitiors respond in kind it is good news for customers.

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