How to get your computer/internet streaming services on your TV

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Getting streaming services on your TV is very easy, with applications available for most devices across a range of streaming services. If you’ve a smart TV you can access most streaming services.

However, connecting your computer is simple. Most modern computers and TVs can now be connected using a HDMI connector which transfers video and audio turning your TV into another screen for your computer.

If your computer or TV only has a  VGA or DVI connection, you can still connect them, but it takes a little more work. Using the DVI or VGA connector will mean you’ll have to connect the audio using either the digital audio connector or the headphone / line out connector. Then in your TV’s settings set up the connection under your AV settings.

If that’s a little difficult for you, here’s a range of devices that you can connect to your tv that make it simple:

Apple TV
Google Chromecast / TV
Xbox 360
Sony Playstation 3
Xbox Wii
Boxee Box

As most households have consoles, you can use your console to stream channels. If you want to stream from your mobile device, have a look at ZappoTV which works with a number of devices including smart TVs and Xbox 360s. The more technologically minded should consider XBMC on your computer or Google TV as it can operate as an Airplay device to stream to from your iOS device.

As we get more mobile, technology is also moving to wifi streaming. Intel are integrating WiDi (Wireless Display) to many new devices, allowing you to use other WiDi devices as a secondary display. So if you’re looking for a new TV or computer, ask if it has WiDi built in.  There’s also Miracast if you’ve compatible devices but these can be tricky to get working properly.

There are hints that Apple may be releasing a new Apple TV, so they might finally be making something that people will actually use outside USA rather then just being an enhanced Airplay receiver.

There are also new Android set-top boxes such as the Minix Neo X7 being released to the market that can be your home media centre offering connections to all streaming services as well as other apps available in the Google Play store.

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