iOS review: MovieMood

Sometimes picking a movie is as painful as the day is long, whether you’re in a group or all alone on Friday night. Fear not! Next time you’re struggling to pick a movie, or even think of a movie, there’s a handy new app that will help you out.

MovieMood is a nifty app that suggests movies after you’ve selected the mood you are feeling. Sounds simple enough. If you’re looking for something funny or happy, you simply move the indicator to “yellow” and the app will provide you with some options. If you’re after some action, choose red and you’ll see Fast and Furious or some Bruce Willis film among the suggestions.

Each category offers up hundreds of movies and each movie has a brief description and the functionality to buy or rent the movie in iTunes. That’s pretty convenient. If you’re not quite sure on a suggestion and want to keep looking, you can also “favourite” a movie to a list so you can check back later.

MovieMood is by no means a brand spanking new idea. It is not an exhaustive encyclopedia of movies and a quick Google search would probably present you with similar options. Film snobs, or “buffs” may be disappointed in the suggestions, but it is handy when you feel like a certain type of movie and you just can’t think of any. And Netflix has had Max the movie selector for a while now.

If you select a color, hit go and see the results, then press back and go again without touching the color wheel that the movie selection changes each time.

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



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