Skype launches ANZ prepaid cards

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 2 years 8 days ago.

Skype has this morning launched prepaid cards for Australia and New Zealand in the first direct, on-ground marketing the internet communications giant has done here.

Speaking to The Channel, Nick Gundry, Skype head of marketing APAC, said the prepaid cards are a significant move for the company and will help drive awareness and convenience for consumers.

“We believe there that will have a strong impact on retail through sales,” he said.

“It’s novel, it’s new and we’re a big brand.”

The cards will be available in $10 to $25 denominations and can be redeemed for Skype paid features such as calls, text messaging, group screen sharing, and can also be used to pay for Skye subscription packages, such as unlimited monthly calling, as well as pay as you go.

Gundry says the cards can also be used to provide access to over one million Wi-Fi hotspots globally. He says the company is working with Tomizone in New Zealand.

Access will also be available at Wi-Fi hotspots provided by global Wi-Fi providers which Skype has partnered with.

Gundry says the first cards will begin rolling out to New Zealand stores late this week. Harvey Norman will be among the first offering the prepay cards, which can be used Major service stations such as BP and Mobile will follow, with Red Circle, Zed Energy, DSE following.

Gundry says it is expected to take three to four weeks to roll out across New Zealand.

Also slated to offer the cards are the Warehouse, Foodstuffs – parent company to New World, Pak ‘n’ Save and Four Square – PaperPlus and Arute, a small chain with 10 retail outlets.

The cards are already available in the United States and Mexico and launched in the UK earlier this month.

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