Techday Friday Teaser

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Welcome to Techday’s weekly quiz, testing your knowledge of the past five days as the weekend edges ever closer…

Before heading off take 10 minutes to test yourself on the week just gone by answering the 15 questions below, all answers can be found on Techday.

Friday Techday Teaser:

1. Name the Kiwi firm behind the Anne Frank Diary iPad app?

2. Which games company was punished for a major hacking of their network this week?

3. Name the Android App of the Week?

4. How much is mobile marketing spending expected to reach by 2015?

5. Research In Motion changed their name to what this week?

6. Name the two smartphone products they released?

7. Where did New Zealand rank in a list of smartphone privacy risk?

8. When will the eagerly awaited Grand Theft Auto V be released?

9. Which telco company doubled Auckland’s network capacity over the anniversary weekend?

10. What is the new memory capacity of Apple’s iPad?

11. Name Renaissance’s new CFO?

12. What was the fastest growing online tech job during 2012?

13. What new cloud service did Microsoft release this week?

14. Which tech giant leads the way in tablet shipments?

15. Which island is set for a telecommunications boost according to the government?

Have a good weekend!!

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