The Fitbit System hits New Zealand stores

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American fitness guru Fitbit launched a range of products, mobile apps and a website in New Zealand yesterday, providing kiwis with a simple solution to everyday healthier living.

Consisting of the Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker (a pedometer measuring all your daily activity including calories burned, hills climbed and even how well you sleep); the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales (which not only track your weight but calculate body fat percentage and BMI for up to eight people) and apps available for both iPhone and Android; the Fitbit system allows you to monitor your everyday activity and fitness progress and wirelessly uploads your information to a personal fitness dashboard at

The components of the Fitbit system work seamlessly together to keep you motivated and on track. The Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker can be worn on your waist, in a pocket or attached to a bra, and gives you real-time information to motivate you throughout the day, automatically uploading data to your dashboard whenever you’re within five metres of your computer.

The Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales provide personal data uploads to where you can see graphs of your stats over time, stay motivated by earning badges and manage your food intake to achieve weight goals. also serves as a hub for health and fitness advice and information and offers users the opportunity to team up with others or create support groups.

Finally, Fitbit’s iPhone (iOs) and Android apps allow you to log food, weight, exercise and more whenever and wherever you are.

The Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker is available in blue or plum for $159.95 It is available nationwide at Rebel Sport, Noel Leeming and other selected stores. The Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales are available in black or white for $199.95 It is available nationwide at Noel Leeming and other selected stores.

For more information about the products or to get started with the program, visit

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