Wi-Fi gets adorable with Pet-Fi

Pet lovers can rejoice with news that an Australian company has devised the world’s first pet-powered mobile broadband solution, allowing Fluffy or Fido to become a truly adorable Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile broadband modem.

Powered by your pet’s kinetic energy, generated from their movement, the Pet-Fi eliminates the need to charge batteries, representing a revolution in connectivity as well as the opportunity to save energy and reduce impact on the environment.

The offering uses a water-resistant, shock-proof Pet-Fi dongle, clipped to the pets collar to provide fast wireless internet access on smart phones, tablets or laptops within 30 metres of the pet.

There could be a few minor flaws for animal lovers however, with the device including ‘a handy small electric shock feature’ to encourage your pet to stay within the 30 metre range.

But if you can handle the shocking aspect, iiNet says Pet-Fi will allow customers to access its superfast 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks at home or on the go – so long as Fluffy and Fido or the pet hampster, come with you, of course.

Simon Watt, iiNet R&D product manager, says the telco knows its customers love their pets and enjoy having them close by.

“I am proud to sa they can use Pet-Fi to transform their beloved furry friend into the ultimate, and adorable, Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile broadband modem.”

Watt says Pet-Fi is password and MAC address protected, keeing the connection ‘safe and secure’ and enabling customers to take their pet for a walk in the park, or a drive in the car, and still enjoy secure fast mobile broadband access on the go.

We’d suggest Fido, might be the best option, if you’re after on-the-go connectivity. However, iiNet has Pet-Fi available in a range of plans and says Pet-Fi 3G is ideal for medium-sized pets, including cats, rabbits and ferrets, while Pet-Fi 4G is better suited for larger pets such as dogs, pigs and ponies.

Those with lizards, birds or hamsters don’t need to feel left out either, with Pet-Fi Mini available. Fish, however, appear to be excluded from Pet-Fi at least for the time being.

There is no word yet as to whether any Kiwi telcos are interested in offering similar solutions.

If you’re thinking it’s all barking mad, well you might just be right… On the other hand, if you want more information, head to www.iinet.net.au/pet-fi

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