Yahoo! Community goes to the web…

The news that Commnity is headed to Yahoo for a sixth season has delighted fans (and me) of the now un-cancelled series.

But just because Community is going online, it doesn’t mean it is in for a big shake up.

At a Comic-Con panel, creator Dan Harmon revealed he doesn’t want season six to feel radically different, especially to its loyal fans.

There is nothing worse than new writers or a new network changing the tone of a show that is already excellent, because it makes people think it’s just a new show, and usually not a good new show.

Sony Pictures Television and Yahoo struck a deal to make 13 episodes. Harmon says writing doesn’t begin until the fall so season six shouldn’t begin until at least Christmas

The plan is to release one episode per week rather than all at once, like with Netflix’s original programming.

If you haven’t seen it, Community is about a group of misfit students at a Colorado community college, and it’s hilarious and delightful. I would recommend getting all five seasons, taking some time off work and binge watching over a week.

I wonder which other cult-favourites might be next in the revival line. It better be Freaks and Geeks.




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