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Review: Rapoo 6610 Wireless Mouse

NetGuide Rapoo have released another mouse onto the market. The 6610 will work in pretty much any environment as it comes with Bluetooth 3.0 and a nano receiver which allows it to use a dongle (included) for non-Bluetooth machines.   Read More →


Review: Kaynex Sydnee

NetGuide Here’s a first world problem. Most families have a pile of USB charged gadgets. Trouble is there are usually only a few suitable spots for plugging everything in to ensure they stay charged. As any parent with teens knows, Charged gadgets equals happy families.   Read More →


Review: Monster Adidas Headphones

The Monster Adidas headphones are the latest collaboration between Monster and a major brand. With Beats now part of Apple, how does Beats former manufacturer compare when they lead the way?   Read More →


Review: Alienware 18 Gaming Laptop

NetGuide I’ll start this review by saying I was always a fan of Alienware when they made the craziest, meanest, kick-the-competitor-in-the-ass computers. I was excited at getting my hands on their flagship laptop, so why do I feel slightly disappointed?   Read More →

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