Review: Dot by Kogeto

Dot by Kogeto, is an attachment for iPhone which adds a special lens that allows you to record in 360 degrees using the matching app called Looker.

Setup pretty simple, you download the app, snap on the attachment, start the app and record. Once you’ve recorded a video, nicknamed “dots” you can upload to Facebook, Twitter, email it or to the Kogeto website.

This attachment is a bit of fun which you can take to an event and want to capture the entire thing in one moment.

• Easy to setup
• Concept is unique and interesting
• Once you’ve recorded, the Looker app makes it easy to share
• When you watch or upload it you can swipe across the screen to see the different parts of the video.

• Requires a special app to utilise
• Personally didn’t really see a continuous use from the product
• Built only for iPhone
• iPhone needs to be without a case in order to use it

To be able to film in 360 degrees might seem difficult, this attachment makes not only simple but easy to view and share. I’m not sure about the usefulness of the product long term but for a bit of fun now again it is suitable. It is well built for the situations you are most likely to take it around with you or when you want to use it.

Score: 3/5

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