Review: Rapoo 6080 Bluetooth Optical Mouse

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 2 years 3 months 24 days ago.

Currently on the market there are some wireless mice that require a USB receiver in order to operate. However, Rapoo’s Bluetooth Optical Mouse utilised Bluetooth 3.0 as an extra benefit. 

As long as you have Bluetooth technology on your computer and you are running at least Windows XP, Max OSX 10.4, or later, this mouse is an easy alternative to regular wireless mice.

A 1000dpi high-definition tracking engine ensures responsive and smooth control, 2xAA batteries are included and the pack also contains a Quick Start Guide. Set up is pretty standard. Once paired up you’re ready to go and Bluetooth gives you about 10 metres range.

About two-thirds the size of a standard mouse. The left and right click buttons not only have a basic design but have a matte finish, so there’s a bit of grip. The scroll is standard in style – scrolls smoothly and is also clickable. The sides where your thumb, ring, and pinky fingers sit are grooved for extra grip as well.


  • Compact in size but still comfortable.
  • Nice matte-finish.
  • Grooves on sides for added grip.
  • Batteries are included.
  • Battery life is up to six months.
  • 1000dpi – precision and responsiveness is great.
  • Bluetooth = no USB receiver needed!


  • Ejecting the cover to change batteries is somewhat difficult.
  • If not vigilant in switching off the mouse when not in use, you may find the battery life does not match the six month claim.

The Verdict

Rapoo’s Bluetooth Optical Mouse has a few extra enhancements such as the side grooves which make it a little different from other mice on the market. It’s easy to connect, with a high dpi tracking for precision and up to six months battery life, making the choice between a corded mouse or a wireless one easy.

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