Review: Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Keyboard

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 10 months 5 days ago.

The Rapoo E6700 keyboard is the newest release from the fast growing Chinese manufacturer’s stable. How does it stack up in day to day use?

This keyboard is slightly smaller than a ‘standard’ keyboard size being about 33cm wide including the touchpad. It works with Windows and Mac computers as well as your tablet or phone.

With multitouch built in, this is perfect if you have Windows 8 installed but don’t have a touchscreen (or don’t want mucky fingerprints on your screen!). It will do all the gestures that you need for Windows. Unfortunately, it’s not so good for Macs as it will do two finger gestures, but three finger and above gestures aren’t supported.

It’s a similar tale on tablets. Windows tablets are supported and I loved using it on Androids. I can easily see this making a larger Android tablet into a full desktop replacement. It’s just the right size and can take over all actions so you don’t need to touch your screen.

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t play quite so nice. It will replace the keyboard, but you don’t get a cursor like on Android, so you still have to touch the screen to do anything. This is a shame as the Rapoo matches the new white / gold iOS devices perfectly with its matching gold metal back. This isn’t Rapoo’s fault, Apple has hampered all third party keyboards.

The Rapoo has an outstanding battery life. It has a built in battery that charges in 3 hours and has a quoted life of 11 days. This is a minimum, as I’ve received much more life than that.


  • Small and very smart looking
  • Brilliant battery life with built-in battery
  • Awesome with Android and Windows devices


  • Not as useful with Apple devices


The Rapoo E6700 keyboard is a great addition to the mobile worker’s arsenal. It’s available in black and white, with a matching aluminium back. I expect Rapoo to be challenging the likes of Logitech etc with their latest models. I only wish Apple would open their doors slightly more.

Score 3.5 / 5

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