Review: Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headphones

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I’ve been searching for Bluetooth headphones as I listen to my music from my laptop and it’s good to be able to get up and move around without losing the music. Rapoo have released a set of Bluetooth on-ear headphones that are foldable. Are they any good?

Bluetooth headphones are starting to gain traction in the office as it allows staff to listen to what they want (e.g. Pandora), yet not bother other users. The addition of a microphone means they can even answer a call when one comes in.

The problem with a lot of on-ear headphones is that the pressure of the cups on your ears causes them to start feeling uncomfortable. I have other pairs and I can only handle a couple of hours with them on before they’re uncomfortable to wear.

Rapoo’s headphones fold up and come with a case that is a similar size to a sunglasses case. It’s not crushproof but stops the headphones getting damaged if they moved around. Pairing was simple as there is only one control. This does power, volume and play / pause / answer call. You can actually answer calls with voice recognition as well.

The sound quality doesn’t reach that of say Sennheiser; but then again, they don’t have the price tag of other Bluetooth headphones.


  • Very light
  • Music play time of 16 hours
  • Bluetooth 4.0,
  • Long battery life, I’ve managed 3+ days on one charge
  • Can also be used over USB and charge whilst listening


  • Only one button to control everything
  • No way to skip or rewind


I’m actually really pleased and would recommend them. They’re not going to blow away the competition but if you want Bluetooth capability for a decent price and are not bothered by the name that’s on the side, have a good look at these headphones.

RRP $100

Score: 4 / 5

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