Growth of co-working space sparks major expansion in Tauranga market

The number of co-working spaces globally has increased by 400% in the last two years and the demand for these innovative spaces is just as high in Tauranga. Since the opening of

Tauranga’s first co-working space, Ignition, by Priority One in 2012, Tauranga is now the place of five very different co-working spaces. This collaborative way of working is becoming a viable option for all in Tauranga, and even more so with the planned expansion of Ignition.

Ignition is home to 18 individuals who have each chosen to move away from the home office, the pets, or standard office leases. It will relocate to new and larger premises in May, where it will become home to an even more diverse set of individuals, drawing more business into the city centre of Tauranga.

Community Manager, Michelle Parker, says the new Ignition space will continue to be an innovative space where people can come to find like-minded people, and will ultimately see 70-100 people working out of the street front space.

“A pivotal aspect of a dynamic co-working space is the people and we aim to design the space so it encourages ample chances for positive engagement. There will be full time desks, hot desks, a high tech bar, meeting rooms, breakout areas, and more.”

Michelle says one of the key reasons Ignition has been so successful to date and the driving force for the expansion is the increasing demand of people being open to exploring new ways of working.

“A co-working space allows you to work in a community. It brings together like-minded forward-thinking professionals across a diverse range of industries in a supportive, dynamic working environment. Diversity of residents is important as it brings a wide range of skilled people together, who think differently, and bring different experiences into one space. They become part of a bigger community, but still within their own space. They get to feel inspired and motivated to work, and have the opportunity to collaborate and make solid connections from a personal and business perspective.”

“We already have some of the most diverse and talented professionals in our space and continue to get enquiries by others wanting to be part of it all. The expansion is exciting for Ignition, for co-working, and for the city to see this community initiative really flourish.”

The Ignition Co-Working space offers flexibility in order to cater for a wide range of people at different stages of business or projects. Options range from a full-time permanent desk to flexi-desks of 3 days a week, 6 days a month or casual hotseat options.

“Co-working isn’t for everyone, but with the increase in mobile businesses and companies looking for more cost-effective and creative work environments, it works well for a lot of individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporate professionals, business people visiting the city, those looking to have a landing pad after re-locating to Tauranga, or anyone looking for a place where they can work, while benefiting from people around them and having all facilities necessary at their fingertips. ”

The new Ignition is scheduled to open in May 2014.

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