Kiwi startup company takes the hassle out of headhunting

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As tried and tested recruitment platforms from across the ditch try to break into the New Zealand job search market, there is already a solution available to take the headache out of headhunting.

Snaff!e (Snaffle) is a job matching website/database. Sanffle’s software matches job seekers with job vacancies – with the end result aimed at saving time and cutting through the usual red-tape involved with recruiting.

Snaffle, is the brainchild of brother and sister, Carl and Amber McNulty, and targets businesses and job-seekers nationwide.

Job seekers new to the site can register and store their CV along with any other relevant information within Snaffle’s database – you can even save images and examples of work.

Employers who register and search for a candidate that possesses the relevant skills for a vacant role will be greeted with a list highlighting the most suitable candidates ranked in order of compatibility.

“By using the capabilities of today’s technology, Snaffle will reduce the cost, time and stress involved in recruitment,” the McNultys told MSN (NZ).

Snaffle aims to remove the need for employers to advertise, wait for applicants to respond and then sift through irrelevant CV’s. Plus by hand picking suitable candidates employers avoid the hassle of replying to every CV that is submitted.

“We talked to over 3,500 New Zealand businesses about their recruitment needs and employers are tired of the laborious process after staff resign, currently requiring them to advertise for replacements, to get potentially an excess of unsuitable applicants they have to wade through. Often by the time they’ve interviewed people and made a decision, the original person is long gone.”

It is not just employers who benefit from the service as job seekers who register are able to have a profile that is active 24 hours a day.

Even if you are already employed you can upload your skills and services to Snaffle and see if your dream job comes knocking on your door.

HAve you registered with Snaff!e? Tell us about your experience.



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