SMB demand triggers McDonalds IT’s Auckland expansion

Growing tech firm McDonalds-IT has expanded its footprint across New Zealand, revealing a new team based in Auckland.

Led by a boost in small to medium business demand, the IT solutions provider is making the move to Auckland central, adding to the company’s office in Wellington.

“As a company we continue to go from strength to strength due to the rapid growth and demand from SMBs,” says Parong Ouk, Solutions Advisor, McDonalds-IT.

“We care about our business in Auckland and strategically speaking, having a dedicated team in the city was the next logical step forward for us.

“It greatly benefits our customers and adds more value as ensuring our customers have local support in Auckland just makes sense.”

A new recruit to the company, Ouk joins McDonalds-IT as a Solutions Advisor, following 18 years in the IT industry.

With a technical background, Ouk’s core focus is to ensure customers have the best support and solutions for the company’s SMB IT infrastructure.

“The best days in my opinion are spent in front of the customer,” adds Ouk, who has strong expertise in IT infrastructure (cloud, on-premise and hybrid) and Support.

“I thrive on getting to know our customer’s business, taking the time to find out who they are, what they do and how they do things that make them successful.

“I’m motivated to find out how IT fits into the business, how it plays a part in the success of the business and what I can do to make things better.”

A company which prides itself on delivering a solution designed to fit the needs of specific businesses, Ouk believes the migration services McDonalds-IT offers are the most comprehensive, flexible and affordable in New Zealand.

“Moving to Auckland will add greater value to our business,” Ouk adds. “But Wellington was definitely not holding us back as a company, it’s just more about listening to the needs of our customers.

“Having dedicated teams spread across both major cities only serves to strengthen our customer relationships.

“And who knows, Christchurch might be next. Watch this space…”

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