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Given how people now live and shop, having an online presence is the way to go.

Without it, people are more likely to forget to shop with you, and be tempted by the abundance of other businesses that are internet savvy.

Having a website is more than just selling online, it is about staying relevant in today’s changing market.

Recent studies suggest people are using the internet to research for products and services before buying, not just online, but offline too.

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With a premium website audit, you will discover how your website can be your most valuable business asset. We will look at how well your website is attracting and converting visitors, and what you can do to improve these results.

We tailor the website audit to your business; it is more than just a document, one of our experienced Consultants presents the results to you via phone/Skype, or in person.

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Zeald focus on helping people realise their business dream; their goals, their objectives; centred on how online sales and marketing tools fit into their business journey.

We design and build beautiful websites, optimised for conversion, which generate more business for our clients.

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