Woz set to judge ‘Whole Lotta’ Kiwi talent…

Founder of Little Lot, David Hillier is one of five Kiwis who have won the regional round of an international award from Talent Unleashed, to be judged by some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, including Richard Branson, Cliff Rosenberg and Steve Wozniak.

Talent Unleashed is a global entrepreneurship competition that seeks out exciting new talent in the categories of Digital Content, Inspirational Leadership, Best Startup, Rising Star and Community Impact from Australia, Central & East Asia, and South East Asia.

Hillier has won the Community Impact category for New Zealand for ‘positively impacting the community by successfully developing a solution to an existing issue using technology’.

Five category winners are selected from each country to go on to the international finals. The International winners will fly to the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa, where they will spend five days learning about business innovation during Global Entrepreneur Week.

Hillier will be up against other international entrepreneurs from all over the world to win the top award, the People’s Choice Award in late July.

Little Lot uses the digital age to help social causes by inviting people to ‘donate’ their computer desktop or smartphone home screen as an advertising space with funds being given to a nominated charity.

“I’m very excited to win the Community Impact category. In the end, that’s what Little Lot is all about – harnessing the power of the collective to make a difference to our communities,” Hiller says.

“The calibre of the other winners is extremely high. I’m very proud to feature in the same awards as such businesses as Pond, Mind Lab and Re-leased.”

Little Lot continues to grow in New Zealand, working with 10 charities including World Vision, Oxfam, Breast Cancer Foundation, Auckland City Mission, Amnesty International, Paw Justice and more.

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