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Android App Review: Pocket Code

Catrobat is a visual programming language for smartphones, tablets and mobile browsers. <a href="" title="Pocket Code on the Google Play store" target="_blank">Pocket Code</a> is an app that lets you play with that code, in a limited but accessible format. Read More →

Android App Review: Dating Tips and Tricks

Okay, deep breath: for whatever reason (and I’m not here to judge) you want dating advice from your phone. Well have you tried <a href="" title="Dating Tips and Tricks on the Google Play store" target="_blank">Dating Tips and Tricks</a>? (Again, I’m not judging.) Read More →

Android App Review: New Zealand Topo Maps

The beauty of the digital age is the huge amounts of information that can be stored in tiny devices. We see this perfectly illustrated with <a href="" title="New Zealand Topo Maps of the Google Play store" target="_blank">New Zealand Topo Maps</a>, which takes all those huge, awkward, folded paper maps and crams them into your phone. Read More →

Android App Review: St John NZ

Apparently more than nine people go into cardiac arrest every day in New Zealand, and their chances of survival are not high. If it happened to someone near you would you know what to do to help them? Me neither, but the <a href="" title="St John NZ on the Google Play store" target="_blank">St John NZ</a> app increases their chances by explaining how to do CPR in a way anyone can follow. Read More →