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Self-cleaning skyscrapers

Trees? Those are a thing of the past! Japanese manufacturer TOTO has designed a product called Reynobond with EcoClean, which will be used to construct buildings and is supposed to help get rid of smog and other pollution. Read More →


TV conundrum

This blog may seem silly to some people, but I bet there are a few of you out there who can relate! We recently got a new TV at my house and it’s just about the biggest, fanciest TV you could ask for Read More →


Clothing swap is a website dedicated to people (whether it be families with growing children or dieters looking to lose a substantial amount of weight) who want to save money on clothes that they know will only fit them for a short period of time. Read More →


Teachers beware

If you’ve ever been curious about you or your child’s teacher before starting school, this website is an awesome tool. allows you to check up on any teacher at any school across the country. Read More →


Cant hug every cat

Even as an animal lover, I think this girl takes things a step too far... fortunately, she’s a comedian and it’s all just an act. But for a while, people everywhere believed this crazy cat girl was for real! Read More →

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