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The importance of policy

IT Brief The IT threat landscape is perhaps the fastest changing area of computing. Malware and threats evolve ‘on the fly’, blended threats attempt to trick users into clicking through to infected sites and more targeted phishing makes scams harder to detect   Read More →

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Review: Galaring G1 NFC Ring

NetGuide In 2013, a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first NFC ring was started by John McLear, a British inventor / entrepreneur. It was massively oversubscribed, with funding reaching 8X the amount asked for.   Read More →

Review: Pebble Smartwatch

NetGuide The Pebble Smartwatch was originally created from a Kickstarter campaign. It’s just released the Pebble Steel with orders outstripping supply. Is wearable technology really where it’s all going?   Read More →