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Modica Group is offering customers affected by Telecom’s closure of an old mobile gateway another option, in the form of their mission critical SOAP/HTPP mobile gateway.

The New Zealand-based mobile software and internet service provider offers round the clock assistance, maintenance, monitoring and reporting for all of its web based applications that are in use around the world.

With the closure of Telecom’s old MSG gateway, customers will need to migrate to one of the major aggregators such as Modica.

Whilst this is a reasonably involved process Modica has simplified the move for affected customers with a standard API for connectivity to all global mobile networks and in particular NZ mobile operators.

“A key difference for customers is that Modica offers a range of support options for all services ranging from straight forward telephone support during business hours, through to reliable response times and uptime guarantees for those with mission critical services,” says Stuart Willson, CEO, Modica.

Established in 2000, the company has developed from a Kiwi based firm to having offices in four different continents across the globe.

The company provides mobile operators, government, enterprise and mid- sized organisations with a suite of Mobile, ISP, and Hosting applications via a cloud based enterprise platform, helping customers engage, market and transact with their customers via the internet or mobile channels.

With an ability to deliver solutions anywhere in the world, the company boasts a portfolio which features work ranging from some of the world’s biggest brands in countries as diverse as Qatar, New Zealand, the USA, and the Dominican Republic.

“With a large international and NZ client base Modica is leading the way with mobile marketing and customer service solutions for the likes of Vodafone, Coke, TSB bank, Gen-i and a range of NZ government agencies,” Wilson says.

“This has seen Modica become the leading playing in NZ for value added mobile solutions.”

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